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Orsi1Orsi is an Italian company devoted to the production of high specification, high quality Hedgecutters and Flail mowers. With 45 models of hedgecutter and 21 different types of flail mower to meet every requirement and application, Orsi has the machine you need.

Highly engineered to give strength where it is most required and lightness of build where weight would be a hindrance, Orsi is regarded as one of Europe’s premier hedgecutter brands. Irish contractors with over 11,000 hours trouble-free working say they are delighted with results.

Orsi2The wide range of Orsi flail mowers are designed for gardening, farming, municipal and forestry applications and can supply machines to handle everything from grass to tree trunks up to 45cm thick.


Compact Tractor Machines

Suitable for 16hp up

Rivers Hedgecutters 029 & 030 From €6,900 + VAT

Rivers Compact

Farmers Machines

Agile Hedgecutters 310, 380, 440, 460, 500 From €8,230 + VAT

Orsi Agile

Alpinist Hedgecutters 105 degress Slew For corner cutting 310, 380, 440, 460, 500 From €10,270 + VAT

Orsi Alpinist

Contractors Machines

Acrobat Hedgecutters 110 degrees slew for versatility 440, 500T, 550,600, 650T, 760T, From €16,500 + VAT

Orsi acrobat

Royal 180 Hedgecutters degress slew 550, 650T, 760T From  €22,700 + VAT

Orsi royal 760

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